Do I need to be fit to start poledancing?

Not at all! Poledance is for people of all fitness levels, body types and sizes. Everyone in good physical health are welcome. The classes are small and we will adapt to each of our students’ training experience and prerequisites. Remember: in the case of poledance, everyone in your class is beginner. But don’t worry, you will definitely get a workout!

Are the moves difficult to learn?

No one expects you to do everything at once. Then there would be no reason for having classes! All we expect is for you to have fun. You do not compete with anyone but yourself and everyone advances at their own pace. It is very individual how fast you progress, and each has its own strengths and weaknesses. What we can guarantee, however, is that you will be both surprised and proud of what you can accomplish every time you learn a new move.

What should I wear to class?

Comfortable exercise clothes that you can move freely in. If you have long pants, you need to bring or wear short training shorts underneath. You need them when climbing and sitting on the pole. Shoes and socks are not needed, we train barefoot. It’s also good to bring your own small towel to dry sweat (from, among other things, palms) with. It will be needed!

What shouldn’t I wear?

Body lotions or oils! They will make the pole slippery which can be dangerous for both you and other participants. Also, don’t wear rings, bracelets or watches.

Is there ane state where one should not train Poledance?

The wrists are loaded exceptionally hard in poledance. If you have any problems with yours, we would like to advise you to relieve them further. Consult your doctor if you have any reason to be unsure how your health would be affected by gymnastics. Poledance is also not a suitable form of fitness while you are pregnant.

Do you arrange events such as hens parties?

Absolutely! We offer several different types of events for hens nights and parties. Here you can read more.


How long is a course and how often do you train?

Our courses are usually 9 weeks long, with some exceptions. You have one class a week during the course, on the same day and time. Prior to each new course period, we will inform you about the length of the courses.

How long are the classes?

Most poledance classes are 90 minutes long. Stretch, dance and acrobatics classes range from 60 to 90 minutes. Read more about our classes here.

Do I get my own pole in class?

Mostly you will have your own pole, but in some cases one may have to share with another student. In Pole 1 you always have your own pole, guaranteed.

What happens if I miss a class?

In order to be able to catch up on a missed class, you must notify us before 4 pm the day before your class. You can then take the class on another day, subject to availability. If you can’t catch up on the class during the current period, you can move up to three classes to the next period, provided you take a course during that period. Exceptions apply to emergency medical conditions or the like.

If you enrolled in a catch up class, the same principle applies if you’re nt able to make it to the class. Report your absence before 4pm on the day before the class, otherwise the class is considered used and you can’t do another catch up.

I want to sign up for a course, how do I do?

You register for the courses on our course booking page (in swedish). There you can see all information about the course, current instructor and start and end dates for the course. When you have booked your course, you will receive a confirmation email with booking details. Then you will receive an E-invoice for your specified email address. Please note that it may take a few days to get your invoice.

What does it cost?

You can find the current price list here.

Bachelor / bachelorette party / event reservations

How many can you be?

The number of dancing participants can be up to 20 people. If your company is slightly larger than 20, the remaining (within reasonable limits) can join, but then they may act as spectators.

Where is it?

The address is Sveavägen 111, just at the crossing Sveavägen / Frejgatan. We have our own entrance to the right of the gateway 111. Doors with large windows. Welcome down!

What should you wear?

Comfortable exercise clothes for all of the dancing participants, such as (long) training pants or tights and a top. Shoes are not required. It may be good to wear shorts or available if you want to try climbing or sitting on the pole.

What are the possibilities for changing?

We have a changing room, shower and two toilets. The company has about 15min to change before and after the class respectively.

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