At North Pole Studio we are proud to offer a wide range of high-quality flexibility courses, for beginners as well as advanced students.

Our classes suit students who practice training that requires a certain degree of flexibility, such as dance and yoga, as well as for those who exercise hard or pursue sports at elite level. If you are totally new to flexibility training, you are of course also welcome! Our flexibility courses consist of one class per week for 8 or 9 weeks.

Leg stretch

Our leg stretch classes focus on leg mobility and suit everyone from beginners to professional athletes. Classes are 60 minutes.

Active Flexibility

A class that focuses on strength and active stretching. Combined with passive stretches, you will be able to go one step deeper, find a better relaxation while getting stronger. The focus is on legs, but we also work with strength and stretch for the shoulders and upper back. The class is 90 min.

Active Flex beginner

This class is adapted for beginners without any experince in mobility training. The class is 60 minutes.


Our backbends classes focus on improving your back mobility. We work with exercises that open up and strengthen the back, shoulders and chest. Backbends are given as open level, but are in some cases divided into levels, see the course booking for the current course period.

Backbends 1

We open your chest and shoulder and strengthen your back. This class will lead to better posture, prevent back problems, improve breathing and reduce muscle tension in the upper body. The class is 90 min.

Backbends 2

For those who have a stable bridge and is familiar with the technique in backbends. Here we work with more advanced exercises such as cheststands, and combined leg and back mobility.


Advanced back mobility and strength combined with leg flexibility. Balance training standing on the chest, elbows, hands. Consistent spilts, middle splits and backbend is a requirement. Only according to consultation.

Combined stretch classes

Flexibility Mix

Mixed back and leg flexibility class. Here we open the chest and strengthen the back as well as working on leg flexibility. This class is 75 mins.

Exercise intensively

Flexy Intensive (Flexypaketet)

Free and guaranteed access to all stretch classes during one course period. Always report you attendance to info@poledance.se before class. Please note that if you have cannot catch up missed classes in future course periods.

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