NPS Reopening in January 2016!

In January are we finally opening the doors to the new and improved North Pole Studio. We will now have 3 studios and better ceiling height. The fall has been challenging but something beautiful has come out of it all.

Regular class schedule starts Jan 11th and first period is 9 weeks. 7th – 10th of january is filled with try on classes for you who are not yet certain if you’d like to buy a 9 weeks course. Pay 150 sek and bring a friend, that way both can try the most fun training there is!

Dates for try on classes (60min): Thurs: 7/1 17.30 & 18.45 Fri: 8/1 17.00 & 18.15 Sat: 9/1 14.30, 15.45 och 17.00 Sun: 10/1 14.00, 15.15 och 16.30. Book your class here.

We are super excited to see you all in class! Let’s pole 2016!