7 tips to start and progress in your pole dance journey

We have all been there.
Was it a friend introducing you to pole dance, or curiosity, or a music video or J.Lo’s movie? Either way, you spent hours watching videos of graceful dancers moving up and down on a pole with no apparent distress, asking yourself “should I give it a try?”. If someone told you that it is easy, we are pretty sure that this person is lying, but we guarantee that it is worth it! Pole-addiction is awesome!

If you are probably a bit overawed about starting this new activity, we want to share with you 6 tips + 1 bonus on how to start and progress at best in your journey.

1. Classes and online classes

Classes are the funniest way to start and continue your pole dance journey. They are fun and a complete workout. You meet new people, and you share your passion and struggles with them.
Classes’ peace is adapted to the participants, and the instructor is your best friend. The instructor explains to you the tricks and the best techniques and can even become your spotter (read emergency pillow) as you advance.

Not ready for the mini-shorts and sexy crop tops? You are not obliged to wear them at all! Many of us started by wearing leggings and t-shirts. We can guarantee that the more you pole dance, the more confident you become in your own skin. And perhaps that little shorts won’t look that much of a problem when you’ll need more skin for the advanced tricks! 

It is very important that you feel confident and safe when you are in the studio since this needs to be a fun moment for you.

Ready to register for your first class? At North Pole studio, we offer a wide range of beginner classes. You can find out more of our classes here.

Do you feel that all this COVID madness is making you worried about your health?
In the studio, we keep the highest hygiene practice and distance requirements to help you feel safe. However, we also offer online classes with our incredible instructor Emma. Click here to get in touch with us if you want to know more about it.

2. Expect your muscles to ache & Burns and bruises (Pole Kisses)

Your muscles will work intensively during a pole dance class, so you can expect to have some post-workout muscle ache.
Bruises are another distinctive mark of pole dancers. The pole is our best friend but it can be a bit rough. Most of the pole dancers we know show their bruises or pole kisses as we refer to them, with pride.
Did you know that many bruises can be related to specific moves, look at this picture from poledanceingadventures.

Bruises and skin redness are part of the package, but the more you practice, the less you will feel them. 

3. Focus on yourself

We are so used to comparing ourselves to others.
Often we see unrealistic models showing how our body should look like and what we should eat, for example.
The beauty of pole dance is that everyone can start. A lot of different people practice pole dance, tall & short,  male & female, sporty & sexy people, sports enthusiasts, and couch potatoes… We are a great inclusive family!
The studio is the right environment for you to feel yourself. Listen to your body, and do not compare your progress with others. We are all different, and we might need different clues, tips, and time to improve. Practice to find your own style and strengths.

4. Safety & grip problems

Pole dance can be a very dangerous sport, and safety is among our priority.
The grip on the pole can be a serious issue for many pole dancers: some days are too humid or too hot, and your hands, knees, and legs simply do not stick to the pole the way they usually do.
These days, it is very important that disappointment doesn’t win you, and you don’t get a breakneck since this is the moment when things can get very nasty.
The grip can be practiced, and the stronger you get and the better your grip will generally be. The more you will advance, the harder tricks you will do, upside-down tricks, leg hangs, flips, etc.
Don’t be afraid to try new tricks but think first on how to protect yourself from dangerous accidents. Get a crash mat, get a teacher or a classmate to spot you, grab a rubber band. Your level, experience, and the difficulty of the trick will suggest to you the best approach.

Never ever try a dangerous trick without thinking about your safety first!

5. Flexibility training and choreo classes

Many studios, including North Pole studio, offer several flexibility and choreo classes. Our tip here is to start as soon as possible with both these types of classes. Pole dance makes some of your muscles very tight from the beginning, so performing adequate stretching exercises is fundamental for a functional body. Additionally, the more you advance, the more flexible you need to be to achieve complicated body positions.

To get inspiration on how to mix the tricks you learned according to the music, you should go to a choreo class. These classes can be challenging if you have never danced before, but they become essentials if your goal is to perform or compete. 

6. There is an entire world to explore out there: workshop & privates

Once you continue your journey, you will get excited about learning from different pole people. Different instructors can give you different clues to nail tricks you have been stuck on,  or they can teach you their signature routine/trick. At North Pole studio we have in-person privates with all our instructors that can be booked here or we have on-line privates with Emma.

Privates are great if you want to learn something particular, or if you want to prepare for a performance or a competition, or simply if you want a one-to-one time with an instructor. Workshops are another great way to work with different instructors.
Workshops usually bring drama questions like “what if the workshop I want to participate in is too hard?”. To answer this kind of question, usually, it is enough to directly contact the studio. Moreover, workshops are great to meet people passionate like you, and socialize is extremely simple! At North Pole Studio we have a workshop coming the next weekend! Check it out and register for it, just a few spots are empty! 

Bonus tip!

A warm-up and a cool down will keep your body healthy! If you practice alone at the open pole time, or at home, remember to warm up your body to prepare it for exercise. Gradually increase your heart rate and circulation, losing your joints and activating your muscles. This is an essential step to avoid injuries.

Through cooling down, your body can gradually transit to a resting state. It is always good to add a bit of stretching (especially for your shoulders and your pecs!) in the cool down.

Some of the quick-to-see benefits?

  • More confidence,
  • More self-esteem,
  • A better understanding of our bodies,
  • New friendships,
  • Mood boost,
  • Stronger and healthier bodies!

At North Pole studio, the new period is starting from June 1st and will continue for 4 weeks! Join us to one of the classes or come for a trial class, you can learn more here.

You will be simply hooked 🙂

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