A year with Covid-19

A year later…

Imagine a world where you can freely travel, celebrate, party, drink a cup of coffee in a cozy café or a glass of wine with your best friends, hugging or just having the best family time whenever you want…

We are all missing that world.

During these currently harsh times for our brains, souls, and bodies, with Covid-19 influencing so deeply any little aspect of our life, at North Pole Studio, we want to offer you a break from all the madness. Offering a safe place for all the poledancing-lovers in Stockholm.

We’ve learned from what y’all have told us, that North Pole Studio feels like a home. And this makes us very proud and more motivated to make you feel as safe as possible while training.

Our beautiful space on Kungsholmsstrand 147 offers us the possibility to hold safe classes and we have implemented tighter restrictions than the official ones. When we all feel safe we can keep the high quality of teaching that has always characterised our studio.

Personal space has become a keyword in our everyday life, and it is a necessity that we can’t ignore.

At NPS, we decided to take precautions and see to everyone’s wellbeing and need of space. We’ve reduced the number of classes  on the schedule. We also freed up space for our students by making one big room with 17 poles available for all students in class to spread out!

The studio offers a beautiful view but more important nowadays, it has lots of windows to improve the ventilation and incoming fresh air.

Our door is kept open in between classes. Allowing the possibility to welcome you inside in all safety. We also control the flox of people coming out from the studio and coming in to the studio, avoiding overcrowded reception and rooms.

Not enough yet? We can offer a face mask to each student, for the symbolic price of 5 kr: you can have one by asking at our reception if you would like to have one!

However, we understand that it might be an issue to reach us on Kungsholmen and, for this reason, we got you covered 🙂

We offer stretch classes on Zoom. The quality of our classes is guaranteed by having small groups. Additionally, the instructor is having the visual on each student at any time so that you get real-time feedback! Besides, you have the privacy and calm of your own house. This solution proved to be  good for many of our students!

Of course, if you don’t have a little gym at home, you can borrow the material from us  if you need to. If you are looking for a long-term solution, you can buy it with discount at HE fitness (Sveavägen 107 or on their website hefitness.se).

Want to practice pole at your own pace? We keep offering privates with our instructors at the studio and or privates in all styles with Emma F on Zoom.

We are trying our best to keep NPS the place you want to come back to day after day: we know that you are a super poler and, we want you to be safe at all times!

If you think we can do better, we love to hear your feedback and listen to your suggestions.

We wish you safe and challenging trainings and a good time with us at North Pole Studio.

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