Summer classes

In june you can buy single classes, 5 class package and 10 class package. You can also buy unlimited and train as much as you want. When you purchase your classes you choose what classes to join and pre book them.You do this buy typing the classes in the message box when you make your order, or you can also email us.  That’s so we can guarantee you a spot in class and to avoid crowded classes but also to prevent late cancelations of classes due to low attendance.

You can design your training how ever you wish. This is the perfect opportunity to take the class you always take and also try something new.

If you get sick and can’t finish your classes, you can use them later on. We can not at this time tell how the schedule is going to be during July. If you want to take less than 5 classes you can purchase single classes and pre book.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate asking us:


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